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Katsuji Imata

CSO Network Japan
Board Chair
Tokyo - Japan
Katsuji has a 24-year experience in nonprofit management with a focus on civil society strengthening in Japan, the US and globally. Currently, he serves as Board Chair of CSO Network Japan and Vice Char of Japan NPO Center. Other leadership capacities Katsuji has include Managing Director of Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs and Social Impact Measurement Insititative (SIMI) of Japan. CSOJN has developed CPAT (Community Power Assessment Tool, https://www.csonj.org/assessment-tool/?lang=en) which was presented at the CIC Summit in 2016 and is actively working with local governments, businesses and civil society organizations in the implementation of SDGs at the local level in Japan. Between 2007and 2013, Katsuji was in Johannesburg, South Africa, working at CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation.
Monday, September 17

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Tuesday, September 18

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